Flourspar Ore Lump


Fluorospar mineral or fluorite according to the chemical formula of CAF2 is the most important fluorine mineral in nature from which fluoride can be extracted. This mineral is found in yellow, green, pink, blue, purple, colorless and sometimes black colors that have a crystalline luster.

Category : Fluorite - Fluorspar
  • 1 Country of Origin Iran
    2 Size Lump size, Crush size, powder size
    3 Packing Big bags, loose bulk, pallet, ۲۰~۳۰ Kgs bag
    4 Producer Arian Tejarat Nik Andish Company
    • What is Fluorspar or Fluorite?

    Fluorine or fluorite with the chemical formula CAF2 is the most important fluoride mineral in nature. From which fluoride can be extracted. It is a solid mineral and is found in yellow, green, pink, blue, purple, colorless, and sometimes black. This mineral is crystallized in the cubic system, this mineral is semi-transparent and has a glassy luster. The specific gravity of this mineral is 3/20 and its hardness is 4. Fluorine usually fills in the gaps between other minerals and is found mostly in streaks in nature. Fluorine mineral is associated with Calcite- Quartz- Barite- Celestine minerals and various sulfides. The mineral fluorine or fluorite, if pure, has 48.7 percentage of fluoride and 51.3 percentage of calcium.

    • Chemical application of Fluorspar or fluorite:

    The most important chemical application of fluorine is in the production of Hydrofluoric acid, which is obtained from the effect of sulfuric acid on fluorite.

    Hydrofluoric acid has several uses. For example: preparation of fluorocarbons, cleaners, surface activators of drugs, foaming agents in fire. Fluorite is also used in the aluminum industry to make aluminum fluoride.

    • Application fluorite in ceramic industries:

    Fluorite is used in the ceramic industry for glazing. Fluorine is used both as a melting aid and as a blurring in this industry.

    • Application of Fluorspar or fluorite in the metallurgical industry:

    Fluorine has many applications in the metallurgical industry due to its melting aid properties. Its applications include the steel industry, the production of cast iron and iron alloys.

    • Application of fluorite in optics industry:

    Fluorine, which can be used in the optics industry, is prepared chemically with very high properties. The crystal of this mineral, due to its low refractive index, transmits ultraviolet rays well, so fluorine is used as a prism in optical systems and to make lenses without color interference in microscopes. Fluorine is used as an optical tool in high-energy laser systems.