Aria Mines & Mineral Group

  • Arian Tejarat Nik Andish Company Projects

    Arian Tejarat Nikandish Company, with extensive experience in mining and mineral production, has several mines of different minerals. The company's projects are in the production of various minerals such as feldspar, bentonite, silica, dolomite, calcium carbonate, kaolin, perlite, zeolite, salt, limestone, powder gypsum, gypsum and marble.

  • 1.Construction project of bentovite, zeolite, perlite and kaolin production and processing factory in South Khorasan province.

  • 2.Construction project of a salt production plant and a sodium hydroxide production plant in Hormozgan province.

  • 3.Exploitation and production projects of six bentonite mines in South Khorasan province

  • 4.Exploitation and production projects of four kaolin and feldspar mines in South Khorasan province

  • 5.Exploitation and production project of zeolite mine in South Khorasan province

  • 6.Exploitation and production project of industrial soil mine in Kerman province

  • 7.Exploitation and production project of salt mine in Hormozgan province

  • 8.Exploitation and production project of three gypsum and limestone mines in Hormozgan province

  • 9.Exploitation and production project of two marble mines in South Khorasan province