Calcined Kaolin


The paper industry has the largest consumption of kaolin in the world. The consumption of kaolin in this industry is over ۴۳%. Construction products account for about ۱۵% of kaolin consumption. Kaolin is used in tiles, cement, fiberglass, wall plaster, and refractory materials and ceramic products.

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  • 1 Country of Origin Iran
    2 Size Lump size, Crush size, powder size
    3 Packing Big bags, loose bulk, pallet, ۲۰~۳۰ Kgs bag
    4 Producer Arian Tejarat Nik Andish Company
    •  What is the Kaolin mineral?

    Kaolin mineral is a type of hydrous aluminum silicate in terms of chemical composition and belongs to the clay family. Some quartz, feldspar, calcite, alum, gypsum and pyrite are commonly found in kaolin.

    Kaolin has the chemical formula (Al۲O۳ ۲SiO۲ ۲H۲O).

    • General Consumption of Kaolin:

    The paper industry has the largest share of kaolin consumers in the world. Kaolin is used as a filler and coating in paper. The consumption of kaolin in this industry is over ۴۳%. Construction products account for about ۱۵% of kaolin consumption. Kaolin is a component of various applications in the construction industry, including: tiles, cement, fiberglass, wall plaster and other ceramic products. Refractories are the third largest market for kaolin. Kaolin is the main material of acidic bricks, which is produced in various forms.

    Kaolin is also used as a filler in paints, rubber and plastics. Kaolin is also used as a filler in paints, rubber and plastics.

    Usage % of Kaolin

    ۴۵% paper industry

    ۵% ceramic industry

    ۱۵% Construction industry

    ۱۰% Refractories industry

    ۶% Color industry

    ۵% rubber industry

    ۴% Chemical industry


    • Usage of Kaolin:

    ۱- Consumption of kaolin in paper industry: Paper industry is the main consumer of kaolin, which has a larger share of total kaolin sales. Kaolin is used in paper both as a filler and as a pigment and coating. Many used papers contain about ۳۰% of the pigments used, the most important of which is kaolin.

    ۲- Application of kaolin in ceramic industry: Kaolin is widely used in the production of ceramic products of buildings, production of ceramic dishes, production of ceramic tiles, production of ceramic sanitary ware and production of insulators and electrical insulation.

    ۳- Consumption of kaolin in the paint industry: The paint industry is a relatively small use for kaolin. Kaolin is mainly used as a white pigment in paints. The role of kaolin here is also to provide high brightness and opacity in colors. Kaolin also increases the stability and hiding power of paints. The use of kaolin in plastic paints helps to control viscosity and increases the coating, lubrication and dispersion power of paints. Calcined kaolin is the main kaolin used in the paint industry.

    ۴- Kaolin and its use in rubber: Kaolin is widely used as a filler in rubber components. Kaolin may give tires beneficial properties. Kaolin mainly strengthens unworked tires and reinforces processed tires. It may also act as an inexpensive pigment.

    ۵- Plastics and consumption of kaolin in them: Plastics is a relatively small consumer of kaolin, which accounts for about ۱% of total consumption. The use of kaolin in plastics is basically similar to its use in rubbers. Kaolin is used as both a disposable and a filler in the industry.

    ۶- Applications of kaolin in agriculture: A small amount of kaolin is used in animal feed, fertilizers, pesticides and related products in agriculture. Kaolin is used as a mineral filler and pesticide diluent in agriculture. Kaolin is used as an anti-clotting agent in animal foods, especially in foods with low fiber content.

    ۷- Application of kaolin in catalysts and chemicals: One of the most valuable uses of kaolin is in the chemical industry, especially as a catalyst. One of the main uses of kaolin is as a FCC catalyst in the oil industry and in the manufacture of synthetic zeolites.

    ۸- Application of kaolin in pharmacy: Kaolin is known in the pharmaceutical industry with the combination of hydrated aluminum silicate. This mineral is used in the preparation of antidiarrheal drugs and treatment of the stomach.

    ۹- Applications of kaolin in adhesives and sealants: Another application of kaolin is its use in fillers in adhesives and sealants.